Of Course The Internet Had Fun With LeBron James And His Cool Broken Nose Mask

Miami Heat star LeBron James made his triumphant return from a broken nose last night against the hapless New York Knicks, and, as expected, he dropped 31 points on them in a 108-82 drubbing to remind everyone that he’s still the MVP until a bunch of people get tired of voting for him. That’s why the bigger news of the game was the face mask that James was wearing to protect his valuable schnoz, because you know the man who calls himself The King wasn’t going to settle for a stupid plastic mask like JR Smith. No way, LeBron gets LeMask that is LeOne of a LeKind.

James called the mask “uncomfortable” but joked that he called Marvel and DC to help design him the greatest mask imaginable, and he might claim that he’s joking but you know there’s probably a little truth to it. Anyway, the Chosen or Great or Awesome One, or whatever people call him, only needed to provide a plain black mask, because the finest minds of the Internet were ready to do the rest of the work for him. Although, just looking at the actual photos of the game (like the one above and below), I don’t think he needed much help.

Seriously, what if LeBron uses this to decide that he wants to be a real-life superhero? I mean, we’d know it was him because we have eyes, but that would still be pretty cool. Even the New York Daily News is ready for Gotham’s new hero.

Maybe LeBron the superhero has a mutant power like one of the X-Men or something.

And so on and so forth…

This one is just wrong, but it had to be done.

And this one is probably my favorite.

As always, here’s my own contribution. LeBron’s so excited to be shopped into this GIF that he’s shaking.

Now dance, LeBron, dance!