Fans React To The Vague But Satisfying ‘Leftovers’ Finale

The Leftovers finished off its third and final season on Sunday night in a way that only a Damon Lindelof show could. While the most important answers might not have been provided to the audience (which, to be fair, was never promised) a lot happened for people to absorb in one hour. Alan Sepinwall dug into what all went down and talked to Damon Lindelof about the ending, but fans didn’t wait for explanations to start reacting to the final episode of one of television’s most esoteric and beautiful shows.

While many people decided to let the mystery be as Season 2’s theme song suggested, others weren’t so quick to accept what was on screen as the final answer. Which is what makes the show so special after all – the ability to dig as deep into things as you want or simply let things lie.

After one more title sequence, which returned to the Season 2 music once again, things really got going. It was an episode that spent a significant amount of time on Carrie Coon’s Nora Durst which fans loved.

But of course, beyond Carrie Coon’s masterful performance, was the disbelief at literally everything else going on during the episode.

Then of course, there was the final moments between Kevin and Nora in the latter’s small Australian home she had built for herself. What an ending.