Lego Batman Gets A Movie That Should Be In Theaters

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10.19.12 7 Comments

If you’ve played the LEGO Batman games, you’ve probably enjoyed the hell out of them. They’re a great mix of DC in-jokes, actual jokes, and lighthearted storytelling.

And now they’re headed to… well, disc. But this movie should really be in theaters.

Seriously, who wouldn’t pay $10 to see this?

Also, if that’s not Mark Hamill, that is one talented Mark Hamill impersonator.

One of the things I like about this is that it’s essentially a nod to the Silver Age personalities and styles of the characters. Superman is cheerful, Batman is grumpy, and the two do not necessarily play together well. I missed that more than I realized.

The LEGO franchise in general does handle other people’s intellectual property fairly well. There hasn’t been a LEGO game that has been out and out bad, and they often anticipate exactly what people are going to do. For example, in LEGO Star Wars, it’s not only easy and fun to break Jar-Jar apart, you can do it for hours and there’s no penalty.

If this movie is good, and honestly it looks really funny, it should kick off a whole string of these things. I’m a little surprised a Star Wars one isn’t already in the works, actually; maybe George is holding out for more money.

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