'LEGO Minifigures', The Next LEGO MMO, Assembles A Trailer

LEGO Universe didn’t get very far in the MMO space. Maybe, though, it just didn’t have enough minfigs… at least, that’s what LEGO and Funcom are banking on with LEGO Minifigures, a new MMO.

The basic idea is, well, you collect minifigures, and use them to beat up other minifigs in an adorable way. Here’s the trailer:

It’s pretty good, but we find ourselves hoping there’s a bit more to the game than just running around bashing things and occasionally putting together a LEGO set. Especially worrisome is that this game is coming to PCs and mobile platforms, so exactly how much of the actual scale and gameplay style will be retained when going to mobile is an open question.

That said, it’s a game about beating things up, smashing things, stealing stuff from the things you beat up and smash, and building it into something else. Game formulas don’t get more basic than that, and Funcom has built several MMOs in the past that tend to deliver the goods, even if The Secret World is struggling a bit. So, for now, consider us interesting. But that chicken-suit guy had better have some killer powers.