Lego’s New Batman Tumbler Is Going To Make Master Builders Jump With Joy

The fine folks at Lego are at no shortage for awesome Batman toys, between the Batmobile’s race against the Riddler’s dragster and the Batwing taking on the Joker’s Steam Roller. But those are all literally child’s play when it comes to the number of pieces and time it will take to fulfill the instructions of the brand new Batman Tumbler that will be available for purchase starting on September 1. For the very serious price of $199.99 Batman and Lego enthusiasts get to take on the “ultra-sleek” latest adaptation of Batman’s whip of choice, not including whatever Batmobile Ben Affleck will be driving into Metropolis in two years.

But this specific set isn’t for the casual Lego tinkerer. With 1,869 pieces, this 15-inch long and 9-inch wide Tumbler is going to take plenty of time and concentration to finish, and while I’d expect a $200 toy car to at least come with a cheap motor, you’re going to have to make the “VROOM!” noises on your own. At least the actual Lego comes with a Dark Knight Trilogy fact sheet!

Maybe these guys can teach us all how to upgrade our Tumblers.