Leonardo Leads By Ass-Kicking Example In ‘TMNT: Out Of The Shadows’

I’ve already posted trailers for Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello, so there’s no way I’m not going to post Leonardo’s TMNT: Out of the Shadows trailer. I’m an oldest child after all, so I’ve always been very concerned about rules, which means bland rule-enforcer Leonardo always appealed to me. I mean, he’s the LEADER guys! That means he’s automatically the best, just like being the oldest makes me automatically better than my siblings. Duh.

Phew, okay, we’ve delved deep enough into my psyche for one day — just hit the jump for the trailer…

Okay, it’s official, I’ve gone from mostly just weirded out by TMNT: Out of the Shadow’s art style, to genuinely excited for the game. Of course if they had released Leonardo’s trailer first I probably would have been excited right from the beginning.

via Destructoid