“Lethal Weapon” Scribe + Anime = “Death Note”?

Shane Black may not be a name you know, but you’ve probably seen a movie he’s written. Black turned out some of the greatest action movies of the ’80s and early ’90s, as well as a truly awesome noir/comedy “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” that you need to see because it features a snarky Robert Downey Jr. and a fat, gay, and surly Val Kilmer. Seriously, there is no movie that could not be improved by that.

Anyway, Warner Brothers has tapped Black to direct but unfortunately not actually write their adaptation of “Death Note”, which is an anime about a killer notebook. This actually has a lot of promise as Black is a big fan and knows his way around a police procedural. Plus there will be explosions. Explosions are always good.

[ via the huge-eyed people at Deadline ]