Let's Celebrate The Release of Kinect Star Wars With More Videos Showing How Awful It Is

A few weeks back we showed you a trailer for Kinect Star Wars which made the game look like just about the worst thing to ever receive George Lucas’ Jar Jar-shaped stamp of approval. Well, the game is actually out now and people are posting their own videos, and well…turns out that trailer was actually sugarcoating things. Or underselling things depending on how much you like Star Wars parody songs written by fourth graders, and Han Solo busting out dance moves like the “Trash Compactor” and “Double Blaster”.

Hit the hump and get ready to dance along with this early frontrunner for worst/unintentionally best game of the year!

See, we could have avoided that whole messy Lando betrayal thing if Han had only written a terrible auto-tuned dance hit about himself. Even in a galaxy far, far away dance is still the universal language.

You know what? I’m feeling generous, have some more…

What? You’ve had enough? Come on, that last one had Leia tit-jiggle! Besides, I’ll tell you when you’ve had enough.

Okay, now even my wookiee’s sayin’ “let’s go”. Yeesh.

via Topless Robot & Gamespot