The Already Struggling ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Cryptocurrency Got Even Worse After Trump Gave It His Blessing

Despite his blustering and self-professed wealth, Donald Trump sometimes seems to be King Midas in reverse. Candidates he’s supported are struggling in the polls. His Twitter clone is a trainwreck. Now a pro-Trump cryptocurrency that was already failing is doing even worse after he gave it his blessing.

As per The Daily Beast, the former president was recently gifted 500 billion “Let’s Go Brandon” tokens, the Ethereum currency inspired by the anti-Biden phrase that was briefly popular late last year. The giftee was James Koutoulas, a diehard Trumpist, hedge funder, and the crypto’s most vocal cheerleader. When he presented the tokens to Trump on a recent podcast, Trump tried to give it his blessing despite not entirely understanding what it was.

“Sounds good to me!” Trump told Katoulas. “I don’t know exactly what it means, but it sounds good to me.”

That should have given the currency a big boost, and it could have used it: Last month, it was reported that it had fallen so hard that it was basically worthless. (Indeed, 500 billion “Let’s Go Brandon” tokens is not very much at all.) Instead, it had the opposite effect. In the days after the interview, it had fallen another 19 percent.

On the podcast in question, host David J. Harris, described by the Beast as a “D-list Trumpworld personality,” vowed to use the currency to help the “Freedom Truckers,” the group of anti-vaccine mandate truckers who’ve repeatedly tried to emulate the protests that occurred last month in Canada and failed each time. But a worthless cryptocurrency that’s somehow gotten worse probably isn’t going to help them either.

(Via The Daily Beast)