The ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Cryptocurrency Has Fallen On Some Very Hard Times

It appears that the “Let’s Go Brandon” craze may have peaked. Last fall, conservatives started using the phrase — long story, see below — as a euphemism for “F*ck Joe Biden.” It began at NASCAR, obviously. Lawmakers like Lauren Boebert, even Governor Ron DeSantis seized upon it. One classy guy said it to the president himself during a Santa-themed broadcast. But perhaps that dude represented the trend’s last gasp.

As per The Daily Beast, an Ethereum cryptocurrency called “Let’s Go Brandon” has fallen on hard times. It was all the rage late last year, with shout-outs from TrumpWorld cronies, even getting advertised on the hood of the car driven by Brandon Brown, the NASCAR driver whose name inspired the phrase.

The salad days, alas, are over. Over the last 30 days, the currency has fallen some 99.5 percent, with the combined value of all 330 trillion coins now worth just a few thousand dollars. In other words, “Let’s Go Brandon” is essentially worthless, at least as a form of alternative currency.

The slogan was born when Brown was giving a post-victory interview on NBC, all while the crowd behind him chanted “F*ck Joe Biden.” Reporter Kelli Stavast mistakenly thought they were chanting “Lets Go Brandon.” And thus a far right saying was born, cursing anyone with the very popular name to a dumb association.

But all things must pass, and if the spiraling nature of the crypto is any indication, conservatives angry with the guy who beat Donald Trump by over seven million votes may simply have to start using the f-word again.

(Via The Daily Beast)