Let's Insanely Overanalyze One Still of "Iron Man 3"

You’re nerds. We’re nerds. Let’s go crazy.

There are actually no spoilers, despite what you may think; there have been seven sets of armor introduced in the movies, and we’ve got all seven in this shot. Apparently the suitcase armor is the Mark V, for the film’s purposes, and that armor on the end was definitely in “The Avengers”.

One thing that is interesting is that Robert Downey Jr. was apparently not on the set, but Don Cheadle was. So, who’s this white guy looking at the armor? Coldblood? Downey’s stand-in? Some other honky we haven’t been introduced to quite yet?

Also, the Mark II that Rhodey “borrowed” in “Iron Man 2” seems to have been returned. So that’s interesting.

What do you see here? Anything we missed?

image courtesy Marvel