Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: Welcome Back, ‘Gotham’

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01.05.15 122 Comments

This is the week where everything comes back: Bob’s Burgers yesterday, Agent Carter tomorrow, Archer on Thursday… it’s a good week. Still, watching Gordon punch out the mentally ill promises to be entertaining, and we’ll be liveblogging it tonight. Plus, here’s a look at what else is on for geeks tonight.

All times are Eastern.


Gotham, Fox: Gordon’s been busted down to screw at Arkham, which is a job that has roughly the same shelf life as yogurt in a blast furnace. But he gets to meet Leslie Thompkins and not be near Barbara, so that’s a net gain.

The Matrix, IFC: Hopefully, this will whet your appetite for Jupiter Ascending. Or just remind you that Hollywood’s understanding of computers hasn’t changed in nearly twenty years.


Sleepy Hollow, Fox: Ichabod needs to find a new job. We’re sure this won’t end poorly.

My Skin Is Killing Me, Discovery Health: Learn about terrifying skin conditions from a not-entirely-ethical network when it comes to science reporting.

Star Wars Rebels, Disney X.D.: Let’s just scrap the spin-off movies and give this show that budget, Disney. We’d much rather see that.

Remember, we’ll be liveblogging Gotham tonight at 8pm EST. Join us, won’t you?

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