Letting A ‘Playboy’ Playmate Fly Your Plane Is A Bad Idea, As These Pilots Learned The Hard Way

Two Argentinian pilots are in hot water after letting the nice lady you see in the above photo, Greek Playboy Playmate Vicky Xipolitakis, in the cockpit for the duration of an hour-long flight from Buenos Aires to Rosario, at one point even allowing her to pilot the plane. Aerolineas Airlines put out a press release last week to announce that the pilot, 33-year-old Patricio Zocchi and copilot, 37-year-old Federico Soaje had been fired from their jobs and banned from flying for five years, as well as having criminal actions being taken against them.

And their legal woes don’t end there, because a Buenos Aires lawyer is also preparing to file a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the two men currently on behalf of 11 of the 36 passengers who feel that they they incurred “psychological damages related to having their lives endangered.”

So, how did they get caught? Xipolitakis documented her experience in a half dozen YouTube videos, which were later leaked to the press, according to Fox News Latino.

In one she is told that she is going to get to pilot the plane during take-off. “I’m going to do it?” the 29-year-old model asked, nervously. “You sure? Nothing could happen?”

She also chided one of the pilots for looking at his cell phone during take off. “Put down that phone this instant because you’re making me panic,” she said.

Xipolitakis also tweeted photos of her adventure for posterity:

Well, if you’re going to completely ruin your life, you might as well let it be at the hands of a Playboy model. YOLO and all that.

(Via Mashable)