Lil Jon And Lena Dunham Joined Rock The Vote For ‘Turn Out For What’

Hey kids, do you hate how all of the crusty old adults are always like, “Yo, you can’t skateboard on my lawn or gay marry your student loan?” Haha, I thought so. But did you know that if you’re 18, you can vote to change the way that those old dudes and ladies make laws that affect the way we hang ten and chug Four Loko while playing the passout game? That’s why the folks at Rock the Vote are always coming up with new ways to talk to the youth of America and emphasize the importance of registering to vote and then actually voting. This year’s method? For starters, they’re having Kendall Jenner – yes, THE Kendall Jenner – tell kids to vote, but they also had Lil Jon make that rad video up there for “Turn Out for What.”

Joining Lil Jon are celebrities like Fred Armisen, Ireland Baldwin, Sophia Bush, Natasha Lyonne and Lena Dunham, as well as some people whose names I can’t even pronounce, and they’re letting us all know why they’re turning out to vote. Lil Jon’s cause? The legalization of marijuana. I know, my monocle shattered, too. Enough about voting, though. Let’s get on with the Lena Dunham dance GIFs.