Links And Redundant Animals

05.10.11 8 years ago

Meme Watch: Osama Bin Laden Watching TV [Uproxx]

140 Characters of Ego: May Edition [Uproxx]

This Week in Posters [Filmdrunk]

Game of Thrones: Just the Badass Parts [WarmingGlow]

The Dugout: Axe of the Dwarvish Lords [WithLeather]

Awkward Photo Steals Thunder From Dingus Willing To Pay Thousands To Lunch With Peter King (photoshops) [KSK]

What’s Next For The Los Angeles Lakers? [TSS]

Animals With Stuffed Animals Of Themselves. BRAAAAAM. [Buzzfeed]

Old People On The Internet [EgoTV]

Pippa Middleton offered $5Mil To Do A Vivid Video [Fark]

5 Stages of Dealing with Grief, as told by Magazines [CollegeHumor]

8 Troma Films That Deserve a Remake More Than the Toxic Avenger [ToplessRobot]

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Jersey It Up and Stalk Fallon on ‘Late Night’ [TVSquad]

FIRST VIDEO BELOW: Is this “kitten vs. tennis ball” part of a lost Kubrick film? [via SuperPunch]

SECOND VIDEO BELOW: Guy tells lazy cat to “do something”.  Cat complies in typical catty fashion.  [via BioTV]

[Banner via JuliaSegal]

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