The King Of All Van Enthusiasts Backs Into The Afternoon Links

Thanks to Lee for sending this in.

Come Play With Us, Danny: A Definitive Gallery Of Tributes To ‘The Shining’ |Film Drunk|

Meme Watch: Actual Advice Mallard Is Here To Deliver Life Hacks And Wise Quacks |UPROXX|

Decembeaver Is The Wicked Counterpunch Movember Deserves |UPROXX|

Thank You, Jerry: Celebrate ‘A Very Gergich Christmas’ With Christie Brinkley, Millicent |Warming Glow|

Mike Tyson Once Again Talked About The Day He Didn’t Kill Brad Pitt |With Leather|

Take A Look At The Original Air Jordan IV Catalog From 1989 |Smoking Section|

Wizards Beat The Heat: Fans Cheer For RG III Instead of Hoops Team |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Size Always Mattered: A Definitive Gallery of The NBA’s Tallest Humanitarian Manute Bol |With Leather|

Channing Tatum is taking a break from acting |Film Drunk|

19 Random, Awesome Wins |HuffPost|

10 Pretty Boys Who Uglied Themselves Up for a Role |Pajiba|

8 Other Teams That Changed Their Nicknames |Mental Floss|

30 Lessons We Learned From Amy Poehler In 2012 |Buzzfeed|

If Your GPS Navigated Like Your Idiot Friends |College Humor|

Army Will Wear These Awesome Uniforms Against Navy |Brobible|

5 Things The Walking Dead Should Fix When It Returns |Unreality|

They’re really pushing Megan Fox in skimpy clothing for Judd Apatow’s “This Is 40”, eh? |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: This is the coolest guy at the boat ramp. (Sh-t gets real at 1:20.) |via DP&F|

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[Inset picture via Mike Mitchell.]