Animals Making Amazing Discoveries, Doing Double Takes (And Afternoon Links)

Fiona the Corgi puppy sees a mirror for the first time |via DPAF|

How Justin Timberlake Went From Boy Band Laughing Stock To Pop Culture Icon |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: Mixing ‘Arrested Development’ And ‘Les Misérables’ Is Not A Huge Mistake |UPROXX|

Broadway Theatergoers Can’t Stop Taking Pictures Of Naked Emilia Clarke |Warming Glow|

Matthew McConaughey was shirtless at Whole Foods |Film Drunk|

On D’Angelo, Questlove And An Album 13 Years In The Making |Smoking Section|

This Week in F–k You: Rich Kid Concierge Services |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Best Of Jose Bautista’s Reddit AMA |With Leather|

11 Fun Facts About SXSW |Mental Floss|

NBA Jam: North Korea Edition |Clip Nation|

7 Sh*tty Movie Parents Of The 80s and 90s That Will Make You Feel Better By Comparison |Pajiba|

The Science Of Aging Explained |High Definite|

The Ugliest Sneakers To Touch A Basketball Court |Giant Life|

What If Batman’s Parents Died Another Way? |College Humor|

Jon Stewart’s Movie And TV Roles: A Look Back |HuffPost Comedy|

Bro Tries to Score Chicks Using the Most Vulgar Pick Up Lines Possible |Brobible|

What If Batman’s Parents Died in Different Ways? |College Humor via Gorilla Mask|

Inside ILM: Behind the Creation of Digital New York City for The Avengers |Grantland|

30 Rock’s Five Top Musical Moments, Picked By the Show’s Composer, Jeff Richmond |Vulture|

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