Grumpy Cat Had A Birthday Party, It Was Awful (And Afternoon Links)

Meme Watch: ‘Attractive Convict’ Will Drive Away… With Your Heart |UPROXX|

Louis C.K. And Big Daddy Drew Magary On Howard Stern’s Show |Warming Glow|

Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart Is Cool, But Is It The Super Coolest Ever? |With Leather|

Presenting A Hilariously Sad Defense Of Tony Romo |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

From Homoerotic Softcore To Kids’ Movies, the Strange Filmography of David DeCoteau |Film Drunk|

Suddenly, I Need To Renew My FHM Subscription |With Leather|

Where The Hell Is… Craig Mack? |Smoking Section|

Little Miss Star Wars |Unreality|

10 Movies Roger Ebert Really Hated |Mental Floss|

How Dwayne Johnson went from being Warren Sapp’s college backup to bona fide Hollywood movie star |Grantland|

Police Officer of the Year Allows Prostitute to Blow Him Before Arresting Her for Prostitution |Brobible|

The Jeremy Irons Guide To Gay Marriage |HuffPost Comedy|

7 Serious Diseases Afflicting College Students |College Humor|

The Ultimate Exercise Ball Fails Compilation |The High Definite|

5 New TV Series You Should Strongly Consider Watching |Pajiba|

8 Fictional Weapons That Are Too Dangerous to Actually Use |Cracked|

The world is ending and Roger Sterling has a joke and a supercut |AV Club|

Here Are 5 Options for Consuming the New Season of Arrested Development |Vulture|

3Doodler Project Raised over $2.3 Million, Let the 3Doodling Commence! |Technabob|

VIDEO BELOW: Mami the cat has a strange reaction to a party favor. |via SayOMG|

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[Pictures via Tastefully Offensive and Grumpy Cats.]