This Picture Is Internet (Plus Todd Akin's Reproductive Chart, A Suave Robot, And Links)

Jason Heuser (of the Epic Presidential Badassery portraits) is back with a drawing of the Internet’s guide.

Any Day Is A Good Day For A Bill Murray Tribute Remix |UPROXX|

Based On Their New Trailers, Which Of These 5 Shows Are You Most Excited About Returning In The Fall? |Warming Glow|

The Avengers Deleted Scene: The Hulk Gets Deep |Film Drunk|

Move Over, Tebow: ‘Felixing’ Is The New Craze |With Leather|

The 15 Greatest Lil Wayne Songs (Since 2008) |Smoking Section|

Is Jay Cutler Really A Cat In Disguise? A KSK Investigation |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Novels to Movies |High Definite|

45 Back To School FAILS |HuffPost Comedy|

19 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs |Buzzfeed|

How to Wallpaper Your House Like Dexter |Unreality|

Anatomical Portraits Go Beyond Skin Deep |Technabob|

Jason Segel reaches out to Heath Ledger’s family after his relationship with Michelle Williams gets “serious” |Fark|

What if Children’s Hospital were a foreign film? |Adult Swim|

Will the Real Super Mario Bros. 2 Please Stand Up? |Mental Floss|

The 15 Creepiest Background Lurkers Who Aren’t Cats |Hypervocal|

The Eggs Benedict Burger solves your brunch conundrum |Daily What|

What Happens When You Shoot a Shotgun Like a Handgun |Gorilla Mask|

Which Ass-Kicking Babe Would Top Your List For The Planned All-Female Expendables? |Pajiba|

Paul Rudd Makes Ray Lewis Very Angry in Hilarious ‘Black and Yellow’ Madden Commercial |BroBible|

VIDEO BELOW: “Stay in the lab, stay in the lab” |via Laughing Squid|

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[Pictures via Justin Rampage and The Clearly Dope.]