The Krebs Cycle Explained With Macklemore (And Afternoon Links)

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Wilson Lam explains the Krebs cycle to the tune of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” |via io9|

The Rap Quotes Art Project Is Just Awesome In Every Possible Way |UPROXX|

Every Woody Allen Stammer from Every Woody Allen Movie |Film Drunk|

Great Moments In Spring Break History: Stage Diving Has Never Been So Sexy |With Leather|

25 April Fool’s Day Pranks That Probably Won’t Make You A Terrible Person |UPROXX|

Jared Veldheer Looks Like A Gears of War Character |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Heidi Klum Is A Bourbon Cheeseburger-Loving Mrs. Robinson In A New Carl’s Jr. Commercial |Warming Glow|

15 Rap Songs About Addiction |Smoking Section|

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet |High Definite|

Artistic Tributes To Tyrion Lannister |Unreality|

7 of the World’s Oldest Food Finds |Mental Floss|

Funniest Prop 8 Protest Signs |HuffPost Comedy|

10 Brazilian Models You Should Know |Giant Life|

Dad Falls For Same Prank Every Year |Clip Nation|

Ranking All 27 Seasons of The Real World |Vulture|

The 10 Best Songs by Strokes-Alike Bands |Grantland|

The most expensive penthouse in the world |The Chive|

The Funniest MMA Broadcast You Will Ever Watch |Gorilla Mask|

The 5 Most Offensive Attempts at Video Game Marketing |Cracked|

Quadcopter Fleet Forms Starfleet Insignia in London Sky |Technabob|

10 Things on the Internet That We Don’t Understand |College Humor|

How to Steal From a Vending Machine Using Only a Measuring Tape |Brobible|

What The Male Cast of “Game of Thrones” Looks Like Without Facial Hair |Pajiba|

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