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Some men just want to watch the world learn.

The Girl With The Butthole Tattoo Explains Her Butthole Tattoo |UPROXX|

The 5 Best (And 7 Worst) Post-’Seinfeld’ Roles For Jerry, George, Elaine, And Kramer |Warming Glow|

PSY Is The South Korean Rapping Sensation Taking Over YouTube |Smoking Section|

Bane Kiffin: ‘Calm Down Pac-12! Now’s Not The Time For Fear’ |With Leather|

KSK 2012 NFL Prekkake: Indianapolis Colts |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

This Week In Posters And Stills |Film Drunk|

The Evolution of the Roomba |Daily What|

Vending Machine Dishes out Dishes |Technabob|

Why The 7 Deadly Sins Aren’t So Terrible |Mental Floss|

Ron Swanson’s mustache will be auctioned off for charity |Fark|

19 Cringe-Worthy Asian Character Tattoo FAILS |HuffPost Comedy|

This is why you should never try a hit-and-run in Russia. |Gorilla Mask|

New “Game Of Thrones” Casting News Will Blow Your Helm Off |Pajiba|

Chinese Communist Party Officials Orgy Photos Leak on Web |Hypervocal|

Seven Confident Movie Characters That Will Boost Your Morale |Unreality|

35 Animals Hanging Out With Miniature Versions Of Themselves |Buzzfeed|

Here’s Spanish Bullfighter Fernando Cruz Getting Gored Over and Over |BroBible|

VIDEO BELOW: Tito the Boston Terrier is really flipping over this new ball. |via DP&F|

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[Pictures via Bits and Pieces and Doghouse Diaries.]