Links With A Helpful Dog, Angry Monkey, And Cool Cat

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This cat is cool like snakes.

Do We Really Believe CEOs Anymore?  Did we ever? [UproxxNews]

100 Of The Most Ridiculous Yahoo! Answers Posts [Uproxx]

I like my soccer players like I like my Eddie Izzard references. COVERED IN BEES. [WithLeather]

The Essential Parry Gripp Collection [Filmdrunk]

Grossest news story in a while right here [WarmingGlow]

The Dugout: Goofus and Gallant [WithLeather]

Chick-fil-A Campaign Takes Decidedly Ominous Turn [KSK]

Hard Ticket to Hawaii for Six Bucks. [Filmdrunk]

20 Animals Wearing Shoes  [Buzzfeed]

Advice Meme Joke Formulas Made Easy [Urlesque]

Pop Songs Made Creepy by the Movies [Moviefone]

100 Stupid-Hot Suicide Girl Photos [CoedMag]

“Beer Wars Review: Why We Drink Piss” Because you’re Bear Grylls? [Pajiba]

They’d gotten undergraduate degrees; why couldn’t they write in sentences? [Fark]

If Childhood Participation Trophies Were Less Sensitive [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: Helpful dog gives his cute friend a pushstart. [via HYST]

[Pictures via animalsondrugs and PleatedJeans]

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