Links With Snazzy Hats And Even Snazzier Shoes

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Fake Anything Is Readying An Ad Campaign For All Of Your Inside Jokes |UPROXX|

StuntBusters: Like MythBusters, But With More Exploding Death |With Leather|

Michael J. Fox Re-Enacted the Johnny B. Goode Scene from Back to the Future |Film Drunk|

Axl Rose Gives His First Televised Interview In Ten Years |UPROXX|

Rocawear Pulls Occupy Wall Street-Themed Shirts |Smoking Section|

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R.I.P. The Fake ‘Jack & Jill’ Twitter Account |UPROXX|

Coonskin Cap Witness: Florida or Ohio? |Warming Glow|

A Game In Pictures: The 2011 Carrier Classic |With Leather|

Bully vs. Sleeping Inmate |GorillaMask|

Further Inventions On How To Be A Jerk |I-Am-Bored|

10 Awesomely Creative Thanksgiving Centerpieces |The FW|

10 Reasons Life in Skyrim Will Be Better Than Real Life |Adult Swim|

A Very Young Stephen Colbert In FirsTier Bank Commercial |Buzzfeed|

Modern Warfare 3 Sets Record with $400M in Sales in 24 Hours |Technabob|

10 Movie Characters Who Should Have Died When They Had The Chance |Pajiba|

‘J. Edgar’ Movie Math: How Clint Eastwood May Have Formulated His Latest Film |Moviefone|

The Seven Rules of Engagement When Dealing With Your Eskimo Brother |The Smoking Jacket|

VIDEO (AND MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT) BELOW: Nice shoes, d!ck. |via Arbroath|

Go ahead and play this along with the video above:

[Inset picture via Pleated-Jeans.]