Lisa Lampanelli Does Not Regret Writing What Might Be The Worst Tweet Of All-Time

In case you were wondering, Lisa Lampanelli is fiercely defending the potential Worst Tweet Ever, the one in which she referred to ubiquitous awkward white girl Lena Dunham as “my nigga.” The reason doing so was okay, you see, is that Lampanelli referred to Dunham as her “nigga” and not as her “nigger,” according to Lampanelli herself. She knows this because she’s familiar with the “urban dictionary,” she says, presumably because she claims to have done sex with “the blacks.”

“The N-word ending in ‘er’ is far different context from the word ending in ‘a.’ Ask any person who knows the urban dictionary, it means ‘friend,'” she said. “And by the way, if I had put the word ending in ‘er,’ that would have been a very derogatory thing about Lena meaning she is less than me, and I view her as very above me. ‘A’ on the end means ‘my friend.'”

Ah, thanks for clearing that up for us, Lisa. We’re sure that this will go over well with everyone on the internet, just like the confrontation in the GIF below

(Pic via Shutterstock)