Listen To Aziz Ansari Recount The Times Blake Lively Ignored His Text Messages

Aziz Ansari was on the Howard Stern Show yesterday, and now that Aziz is a big shot selling out Madison Square Garden with his stand-up routine, naturally Howard asked him if he’s slept with any famous women. Whether or not he has remains to be seen (and I’m guessing Aziz is too classy of a guy to name names either way) but he did recount meeting Blake Lively a few years ago. Upon running into the then-Gossip Girl actress at an event in April of 2011, the two hit it off and exchanged numbers.

After sending her a string of unanswered text messages, one of which literally said “Hopefully this is your number?,” he finally gave up — but not before sending her the last one in December of 2011 that just said “Happy holidays!” The most depressing text message. Three years later, however, Howard goaded him into one final message live on the show which read: “Read these messages on Howard, hope that’s cool. Doubt you’ll respond to this.”

The whole exchange reminded me of the time Hannibal Buress talked about the time he found out Scarlett Johansson was a fan of his before blowing it in a spectacular fashion — so I guess the moral of the story here is that the ladies of Ryan Reynolds have good taste in comedy, but don’t actually want to date comedians? Psshh. I’d take Ansari or Buress over that whitebread pretty boy any day.

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