Little Girl Makes Every Dude In The World Jealous By Having A Dinosaur Named After Her

Daisy Morris discovered a dinosaur when she was five. She’s nine now, but she’s still cute and still loves bones apparently.

Never have I so wanted to be a five-year old girl.

Uh, perhaps I should elaborate. Daisy Morris was all kickin’-it, being a five year old on the Isle of Wight in southern England. Then she found a fossil and her and her parents took it to dino expert Martin Simpson, and after years of study…

“The fossil turned out to be a completely new genus and species of small pterosaur, a flying reptile from 115 million years ago in the Lower Cretaceous period, which because of the island’s eroding coastline, would without doubt have been washed away and destroyed if it had not been found by Daisy.”

Even better the dino (don’t you dare leave a comment about pterosaurs not being dinosaurs) was named Vectidraco daisymorrisae after Daisy. You’re one rad little kid Daisy Morris.

via The Mary Sue