Nothing You See Today Will Be Funnier Than This Small Boy Getting ‘Attacked’ By A Llama

If there’s one thing we can always hold to be true, it’s that small children in false or unnecessary distress — especially at the hands of an animal, costumed character, or inanimate object — are always hilarious. See this video of a dad tricking his daughter into chasing a goose, these kids and their reaction to Elf on the Shelf, or literally any picture of a crying child on Santa’s lap to that effect.

Now, thanks to father Jason Jensen, who clearly sees the value in exploiting his terrified offspring, here is a video taken at the Tennessee Safari Park — which boasts over 80 species of animals that guests can pet and feed, “from antelope to zebra.” Somewhere in the middle of that alphabet lies the llamas, which are clearly accustomed to being fed by tourists. The younger boy sitting in the front seat clearly understands how this works, as he reaches towards the window offering the contents of his bucket to the large animals.

The camera then pans to the source of the hysterical screaming in the backseat of the car, however — in perfect comic timing — to what appears to be an older boy who definitely does not have this whole llama feeding thing down. Yes, mom and dad! “Take the bucket away from him!” Or, you know, don’t, and keep filming, because one day we promise your son will find this almost as hilarious as we do.

(Via Reddit)