Lopez Tonight: A Look Back On What We'll Be, Ugh, Missing

Yesterday Matt brought us the tragic news that (brace yourselves) tonight’s episode of Lopez Tonight on TBS will be the final show. (Tears off shirt, drops to knees … NOOOOOO!!!) Anyway, now is the perfect time to look back on a compilation of the best final monologue punchlines/ band throws in the history of television, every one of them not coincidentally from Lopez Tonight, the greatest show ever ever shut up I will fight you. (Tears off shirt in preparation of fight . . . a second shirt which I put on between sentences.)

This mashup was put together by Noah Garfinkel of BestWeekEver and “Look at this F–king Hipster” blogger guy you should follow on Twitter, Joe Mande. This video really shows off how Lopez sells the final joke in the monologue before throwing it to the band. Us bloggers here are at a distinct disadvantage. You don’t get to see us clap at the end of every joke to indicate it’s the punchline, and you don’t see us throw it to the band to play some upbeat, brassy jams. And that’s a shame, because believe you me this eight-piece band in my living room is ex-pen-sive. (The dashes were me clapping. See what you’re missing? … Jazz instrumental of “My Humps” plays, I rip off a third shirt because THAT’S MY JAM, SON!)