The Person Who Owns Knows Exactly What They’re Doing

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Las Vegas
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Monday night’s Iowa caucus saw one high-profile loser, and it wasn’t Bernie Sanders. For one thing, the Democratic results are still too close to call. For another, Hillary Clinton’s precinct-taking coin toss was largely a symbolic “win.” The real loser of the evening was Donald Trump, who projects himself (at all times) as winning everything. So, his excess of past “loser” tweets came back to haunt him full force. After the GOP results came in, Fox Sports’ Jimmy Traina tweeted a reminder to check the website.

The domain redirects to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page. While this seems like a strategic move in light of the Iowa caucus, it is not. The domain’s owner redirected to target Trump sometime around December, and the owner seems content with the current state of the loser union. Exactly who is this future-predicting troll? Hang tight. enjoys a storied past. Last March, the troll site redirected to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page after he pulled a stage-storming fake out on Grammy-winner Beck. In the aftermath of Yeezus stealing attention (again) during someone else’s moment, Beck’s fans trolled Kanye with the site. (The coolest part about the Beck-Yeezus switch was Beck’s most recognizable song, “Loser,” which added even more hilarity.) This trolling was largely the work of one man, Brian Connelly, who purchased the domain in 1995 and has masterfully trolled several “losers.”

Connelly originally registered the domain for $35, and it has provided much amusement over the years. He occasionally goes viral when targeting politicians for trolling (Tom DeLay) and also when he simply wants to redirect traffic to a cause (he did so for both WikiLeaks and Obama’s website). Donald Trump is the current trolling beneficiary, and the timing was right.