Louis C.K. Multipanes Are Also The Best

A couple of weeks ago I unofficially declared Zach Galifianakis “King of the Mulitpane,” which — like pretty much every declaration I made in high school — was a bit short-sighted. Because Louis C.K. is internet killing it with multipanes on a daily basis (more accurately, fans of Louis C.K. are killing it). His style of comedy translates so well to the format, maybe even more so than Galifianakis thanks to the crudeness of his joke-telling. It’s tough for a cubicle drone to pull off watching stand-up clips about “sucking a bag of d*cks” in the office, but glancing over captioned images for a chuckle is totally doable.
By now you should be familiar with Louis C.K.’s brand of comedy, but if for some ridiculous reason you aren’t, like a POW situation or something, I suggest a crash course of: watching the third episode of Louie’s second season tonight on FX, learning why farts are funny, brushing up on being white, and feeling guilty about your unhappiness. Come back tomorrow and the following should really do it for you. If not, we can’t be friends.
FYI: Some of these get pretty crude. If you’re prone to getting sand in or around your genitalia I recommend taking a pass. I’ve also worked in a few GIFs and non-multipane images because I dare you to try and make me stay between the lines.

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