MacKenzie Scott’s Enormous Charitable Donations Were On People’s Minds While Jeff Bezos Blasted To The Edge Of Space

After launching his successful Blue Origin flight on Tuesday morning, you’d think Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would be the talk of social media for making it to the edge of space on the heels of Richard Branson, and that’s happening to a degree. However, people have been actively highlighting that his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott has been donating literally billions to charity while Bezos has been financing what even he has admitted is a “joyride for the wealthy.”

It also didn’t help that following Blue Origin’s mission, Bezos made some apparently tone deaf references to Amazon employees, who have attempted to unionize amid allegedly unsafe and grueling work conditions to power the pervasive online shopping empire.

“I wanna thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all this,” Bezos announced after the extremely expensive launch. Oof.

Of course, it should be noted that the praise for Scott was already pouring in before Bezos basically thanked the little people for footing the bill for his 11 minute space ride, but his remarks only made Scott’s philanthropy look even notable.

While the vast majority of the tweets about Scott focused on the persistent concerns that Bezos and Branson’s space race is a use of resources that could be used to fix actual problems on Earth like the ongoing pandemic, global warming, systemic inequality, and a laundry list of issues, there were also some jabs about the joy of watching your ex get strapped to a rocket and blasted into space. That had to feel good.