Watch This Magician Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket With Some Fancy Rubik’s Cube Tricks

My experiences with the police have been very similar to my experiences with a rubik’s cube. There’s never any shortage of frustration and I’m normally left feeling quite disappointed. I can’t say the same thing this time around.

Magician Steven Brundage posted this clip from a recent traffic stop and instead of being berated and treated poorly by police, the way most clips of this nature seem to play out, he gets a chance to show off his talents. From the description:

December 5th around 3am I was pulled over doing 42 in a 30 MPH. I told the cop I was coming from a Holiday Party in NYC. He asked why I had all the cards in my car and I told him I was a magician. He then asked me to show him a magic trick.

I’m glad to say I left without a ticket.

He’s pretty damn good, but I couldn’t help but feel I was watching a clip from Reno 911 the whole time. I know they pulled over a magician once, but he was doing cocaine and being quite annoying. This is charming.

(Via Steven Brundage)