Magneto Was In Drag In An “X-Men: First Class” Deleted Scene

All the slash fiction writers who loved the Xavier/Magneto scenes in X-Men: First Class (AKA, the McFassers) can rejoice today, because a deleted scene included in the September 9th DVD release. In the scene, Xavier (James McAvoy) demonstrates his ability to Angel (Zoe Kravitz) by making her see Magneto (Michael F. Assbender) in a blue dress and a red wig. Because that’s just a regular thing for Xavier to be thinking about and sharing with others. Or perhaps this was just an unspoken alter ego of Magneto known as “Dragneto”. Yeah, I’m sticking with that version.

The video and .gifs below are only a partial clip. The full video is at EW but they don’t allow embedding because they hate freedom and also they kick puppies. Just what I heard.

Oh, yes. There are .gifs

Also relevant:

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