The Creators Of ‘Far Cry 3’ Are Making…A JRPG?

It seems something interesting has been snuck into the water at Ubisoft Montreal — first they followed up Far Cry 3 with the crazy, neon, ode to the 80s, Blood Dragon and now they’re working on a JRPG. Well, obviously the J isn’t literal, but Child of Light, a new game being made using the Rayman Legends engine is intended to be a loving homage to classic Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana.

Child of Light is part platformer, part turn-based RPG and tells the story of a girl lost in a world of dreams. In terms of art style, the game sort of looks like Yoshitaka Amano’s classic Final Fantasy art come to life — needless to say the game is freakin’ gorgeous.

Hit the jump for the debut trailer for Child of Light…

Ugh, my heart. Too, too pretty. Oh Ubisoft, you’ve burned me so often, but dammit, there’s no way I’m not getting this.

via IGN