Man At Arms’ Best Nerd Inspired Blades Will Poke You In A Happy Place

Tony Swatton is a modern day smithy who makes blades for all manner of TV and movies. He also has a web series called Man At Arms in which he makes real-life versions of the weapons from your favorite video games, movies and cartoons. These aren’t just props either — as every Man At Arms video makes sure to demonstrate, these are real, very sharp, potentially deadly blades.

Here are a few of my favorite Mat At Arms projects. A few of these have been covered by our sister site Clip Nation, but most haven’t…

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Klingon Bat’leth

Even as a TNG loving kid, I always thought these things looked too dangerous. Like you’d stab yourself in the guts with them within two minutes.

Finn’s Golden Blade

Raphael’s Sais

Ah, how I longed for the episode of Ninja Turtles where Raphael just stabbed Shredder straight in the eye with his sais. Those damn turtles were teases.

Minecraft Sword

Cloud’s Buster Sword

Once they actually made this thing, you knew the Man At Arms guys could do anything.

Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade

I love that they took this whimsical take on a traditional sword and turned it back into a deadly weapon.

Link’s Master Sword

Thundercats’ Sword of Omens


This is only scratching the surface — the Man At Arms guys have forged dozens more nerdy blades. You can check out the full series right here. Which one’s your favorite?