The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: 4 Hacks For A Better Man Cave

Courtesy of Miller Lite, through the month of November, we’ll be showing you how to lifehack your way into better football, whether watching at home or tailgating at the stadium. So, if you’re showing the game at your apartment, here’s how to set the mood.

Some of us have richly appointed man caves, others an apartment we have to share with other human beings, still other a spouse who would prefer the entire house not be festooned with football jerseys. So, how to set the mood for some football, no matter what your living arrangements? With a little clever engineering and some slick appliance disguises.

Hide Your TV With A Painting

This is the slickest example you’ll find, but in truth, you don’t even need to do this. Just get a picture frame that fits around your TV’s bezel, attach it to your TV, and glue some magnets to the inside of the frame. Attach the magnets to a cloth transfer of a painting, and just pull away the painting when you want to watch some TV. It’s a good way to get the TV on the wall, while not always having a TV on the wall.

Use Reversible Picture Frames For Memorabilia

Say you want to have a few posters up, but would rather A) not spend Sunday morning adhering them to the walls with Fun Tack and B) not ruin your posters. Easy: Just get some reversible picture frames and hang them on the walls. One side is art for the day-to-day, and the other side is ready for some football.

Turn A Coffee Table Into A Beer Cooler

Nobody wants to get up for a beer, but, reasonably, not everyone wants a fridge sitting next to the couch. The solution? Get a coffee table where the top flips up, and buy a cooler that will fit into the space. If you want a bigger one, or one won’t fit, just bust out a saw and cut away until the cooler slots in. The flip lid will serve to keep the temperature down, and everybody has beer, without the high electrical bill. Or you could just build your own:

Use Ambient Sound

If you want to get people in the mood before the game starts, but don’t want to watch the pre-game show, try this; find crowd noise sound clips, and put them at a low level on your stereo. It’ll get people pumped up without being annoying or overbearing. Just be sure to let your guests know what you’re up to… unless, you know, you want them convinced they’re hearing things.

That’s the conclusion to our series of football lifehacks. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!