Watch This Guy Capture The American Spirit Of Innovation By Cooking Bacon With An M-16

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03.13.15 5 Comments

Some folks like to cook their bacon in the oven, while others like the convenience of the microwave. Most stick with the skillet because they love the crackle and the smell. However, the man in the above YouTube video has another way — albeit one that isn’t something everyone could or should try.

He’s using an M-16 to cook his bacon. Specifically, he wraps it around the barrel of the gun, then wraps foil around the bacon to, I suppose, preserve freshness and keep things in place.

The best part of the video? It’s not the edible-looking finished product, but rather, his whispered, “So much ‘Murica right now” bit as he prepares to introduce us to the most bad-ass marriage of meat stuffs and weaponry since the last time we saw Ron Swanson eat something with a fork.

(Source: YouTube)

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