Watch This Guy Awkwardly Lose Control Of His Wheels And Plow Into A House

Film/TV Editor

This must certainly be the era of sketchy, yet viral motorcycle videos taken with a GoPro to take the Internet by shame. This awkward fella pulled his motorcycle up to what looks like a casual party, which is where the trouble quickly begins for his insurance company.

The guy hesitates upon arrival at his destination, and he spots a group of gals, who don’t take notice of him. He pauses for one fateful moment. Then he turns his bike around, loses control, and promptly plows into a house. His vocal reaction communicates surprise, and he sounds somewhat angry at himself. Mainly, he’s going to feel those bruises forever as a stark reminder of how he accelerated into the side of someone’s home.

The oddest part of this video clip is we don’t know exactly why this happened. Why did the biker turn around after arriving at this shindig? Why did his ride suddenly lurch forward and start his quick slide towards humiliation? One commenter guessed, “He’s so uncool, even the bike wanted to get away from him.” Now, that’s cruel, but this gathering will be one that this rider will not soon forget. Thanks to his bike, he’s a viral star.


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