Glitch In The Matrix: Man Gets On Plane, Meets His Identical Twin, The Internet Freaks Out

They say that for every person out there, there’s an identical twin. For me, that person is Brendan Fraser (my mom says), but for others, it’s just a random stranger who just looks like them, but has their own very different and complex life. Like this dude, who got on a plane expecting a long and boring flight and found his long-lost doppelgänger.

The Telegraph reports that the two men thought that the entire thing was pretty cool and did not, like many of us would have, faint in terror. And while they probably won’t be forever friends, meeting every year just to remark on how cool it is to be stranger-twins, they’ve got both a great story and a slice of internet fame.

There’s a twist, though. According to The Telegraph, the two men you’re looking at above may not be as identical as you might think. Especially because Twitter users, who freaked out and started posting Parent Trap GIFs, found a third man who looks similar to the two on the plane:

From The Telegraph:

Scientists have conceded that doppelgangers are statistically possible.

However, because humans are actually not great at facial recognition, and we are clouded by bias – if someone says to you ‘these two people look exactly the same’, then you will try to find ways in which they do – we might think people who just look similar are exact copies of each other.

Stop looking for your stranger-twins, people! It’s going to upset the nature of the universe. (Look at the guy in the photo behind them! He’s already completely losing it!)

(Via The Telegraph)

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