Watch The Priceless Reaction When This Guy Realizes He’s Had Help Balancing An Egg On His Head

When it comes to pranks, limits are blurry lines that sometimes change from person to person. For some, keeping pranks simple is all you need. There’s no need to blow up a fake kid or hire an amputee to play a zombie when you have an egg and a bottle of glue around these guys. They ask their friend to try and balance an egg on his head and he obliges, showing them how it’s done.

Or so he thinks. In one of the finest accents you’ll hear, our egg man realizes he’s been fooled and his friends have glued the egg to his head. It’s pretty strong glue from the looks of it and this guy is likely going to need a haircut. Still his reaction is priceless, much like any prank should be at the end. If the person you pranked is attempting to stab or shoot you after you’ve revealed that it is all a ruse, you may have chosen the wrong person to prank.

(Via Sam Wilkinson)