This Motorcyclist Tells A Driver To Stop Texting, So The Driver Mows Him Down In Response

We live in an overconnected world where drivers think nothing of tapping out a text while driving. There’s no scenario where a text cannot wait until the car stops. Yet the associated fatalities keep stacking up.

A Los Angeles motorcyclist felt the full force of road rage after telling a BMW driver to stop texting. Samuel David Ayres didn’t want to get slammed by a distracted driver, so he said something. The driver struck him anyway, on purpose.

This harrowing video arrives courtesy of Ayres’ helmet cam. He spotted a distracted BMW driver texting and threw out a simple “Put down your f*cking phone, you’re in your car.” The driver’s retaliation was terrifying. Instead of simply returning the curse words — which is what sane people would do — the driver sped after Ayres, knocked him off his bike, and drove away.

Ayres suffered multiple fractures after slamming into the pavement. He also sustained a debilitating concussion, which caused memory loss. This guy is lucky to be alive.

Ayres racked up significant medical bills during this accident. Even with health insurance, he’s several thousand dollars out of pocket. Some buddies whipped up a donation site to help. Ayer has almost reached his modest goal. This is a small comfort in a world where where drivers intentionally ram their cars into motorcyclists.

(Via Brobible)

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