An Escalator At A Boston Train Station Stole A Man’s Pants In The Middle Of Rush Hour


Between campaigns to crowdsource funds and panicked passengers trapped on smoke-filled trains, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in Boston isn’t having a good winter. Things took a turn for the worse (and the humiliating) on Thursday when an escalator at a busy train station ripped the pants off of a commuter’s legs during rush hour:

It was the second escalator mishap involving clothing on the “T” in two days.

The man whose pants got stuck in the escalator wasn’t hurt. Fellow commuters say he was left standing in blue shorts while his pants were stuck in the bottom of the escalator.

On Wednesday, an 89-year-old man was injured when he fell and his coat got caught in an escalator at the Chinatown Station. (Via WCVB)

Having to ride on the MBTA’s outdated trains is one thing, but losing your pants, too? That’s just too much. Then again, so is the reporter and the witnesses’ focus on the nearly-naked man’s “blue shorts.” He just had his pants ripped off, so you’re going to stare at his boxers?

At least he wasn’t wearing tighty whities.

(Via WCVB)