A Man Failed Miserably While Recreating One Of Cosmo Kramer’s Schemes

A man in Michigan is looking at five years in prison for supposedly trying to pull off a Seinfeld scheme. Brian Everidge was pulled over for speeding in April in a U-Haul truck, and when officers took a peek inside, they discovered he was hauling more than 10,000 bottles. His goal was to trade his stash in for some petty cash, but Everidge was in for a rude awakening as they were nonreturnable bottles.

Officers on hand said the back of the truck was packed with cans and bottles, which Everidge admitted weren’t from Michigan but from Kentucky. No one’s sure if he did the math for his haul and blew his margins on gasoline, but Cosmo did warn about the cost-benefits analysis. It’s not the first time a Seinfeld scheme has come to life.

The main goal was to return the bottles and cans in Michigan, where each one is worth 10 cents. But unfortunately, it is illegal in Michigan to return cans and bottles if they come from out of state. Everidge was charged with one count of beverage return of nonrefundable bottles, which is a real charge, believe it or not. He is facing up to five years in prison and a fine of $5,000. The irony — this haul would have netted $1,000, and now he may have to pay.

But this situation brings into question what other Seinfeld Kramer schemes could work in real life. Would a coffee table book about coffee tables become a best seller? Would a restaurant specializing in only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches be viable in these economic times? Or would using rubber balls help “put an end to maritime oil spills”? Maybe it might be better if we all just do some TCB.

(Via Livingston Daily)