Meet The Man Who Almost Got Away With Having Two Wives, Until They Discovered His Facebook

Cheating man

Andrew O’Clee will serve four months in jail for bigamy after it was discovered that he was married to two women, neither of whom knew he was married to someone else.

According to The Chichester Observer, O’Clee married his first wife in 2008, married his second in 2013 and allegedly may have been looking for a third at the time of his arrest. But before another wedding could happen, O’Clee’s first wife, Michelle Agbulos, discovered that her husband was living a double life via Facebook.

O’Clee’s deception went on for a number of years before his first wife Michelle saw a video of his ice bucket challenge on Facebook in August last year, captioned ‘uncle Andrew and auntie Philippa’.

She then saw photographs of her husband’s second wedding and reported it to the police.

But there’s more: The Daily Mail reports that O’Clee hid his affair (and marriage) from his first wife by telling her he was in witness protection and asking her to tell no one. He even disappeared from his daughter’s birth:

He later turned up at the birth of his daughter, Amelia, and cut the umbilical cord – before telling his wife he had to leave with a police escort.

But instead of heading to a so-called safe house, he would leave their rented flat in Ealing, West London to go back to finance manager Philippa Campbell in upmarket Chiddingfold, Surrey – a 40-mile journey away.

Neither of O’Clee’s wives say they had reason to mistrust him, even after the whole witness protection thing. And O’Clee’s second wife, Philippa, believed he had ended his marriage with Michelle because Michelle had cheated on him. Say what? At this point the whole thing’s so complicated that if O’Clee had married again, everyone might have just given up and let him get away with it instead of trying to figure it all out.

According to O’Clee’s lawyer, his second wife will continue her relationship with him. Neighbors, who had heard O’Clee had multiple wives remembered him as “energetic.”

(Via The Chichester Observer)

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