The Internet Got Its First, True Folk Hero With #ManInTree

You ever just get so sick of it all that you want to climb an insanely tall tree in the middle of a metropolis and throw fruit at passersby? That’s exactly what Seattle’s cleverly dubbed “Man In Tree” decided to do with his Tuesday, scaling an 80-ft tall Sequoia in front of a Macy’s in the city’s Belltown neighborhood and chucking apples, pine cones and tree branches at anyone who dared attempt to remove him.

Realizing that they were witnessing the birth of a folk hero, Twitter sprung into action with its best jokes.

(Side note: Imagine if Twitter had been around when other legends were created. “MRW they say I can’t outdrill a steam-powered hammer.”)

Many Twitter users couldn’t help but notice Man In Tree’s resemblance to another much-beloved character.

Even the Seattle PD, working to get the man out of the tree and re-open the surrounding streets, couldn’t help but see the humor in the situation.

The true winner of the day was quick-witted tweeter @Man_In_Tree, providing live updates and inspirational quotes from the legend himself.

Eventually, he was joined by other characters in the sage including @SassyFireman and an account for the tree in question. Man In Tree fans can keep up with the story at, a site that re-directs to Seattle’s KOMO News live-feed of the tree.