Allow This Definitive Map To Tell You The Most Interesting Place In Your State

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03.28.14 85 Comments

Have you ever wondered what the most interesting destination in your state (or any other state) is? Well you’re in luck, because a Redditor named Midwester took the time to put all of the information on a handy map. His methodology:

I googled each state and whatever came up first in the Wikipedia [“Points of interest”] box is what I went with. Some had more than one, but they weren’t in alphabetical order, so I took it as the first one was the top one. Obviously very non-scientific methodology.

Obviously. Plenty of these places are gorgeous, must-experience destinations, but a fair number are soul-sucking, culture-free tourist traps that are “interesting” only by the most literal definition of the word — they generate interest, mostly from outsiders. But now the data is set in stone. Because if something’s on a map and/or the internet — especially Wikipedia — it must be true.

Here’s a closer look:


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