Marco Rubio Is Being Trounced For Mocking The U.S. Military Because He’s Disgusted Over Troops Holding An LGBTQ Poetry Night

Marco Rubio doesn’t self-own on Twitter nearly as frequently as one of his ex-presidential rivals, Ted “Cancun” Cruz, does, but the Florida lawmaker still has some classics under his belt. That includes the time that he tweeted a screencap that should have been left under wraps and when the China-obsessed senator also stepped in it over the Atlanta spa shootings. Marco has also gone on record to admit that he’s surprised at how Republicans can get elected, given their often marginalizing rhetoric, and that’s pretty much what Rubio posted while tweeting about the U.S. military.

For some brief background, Rubio recently appeared on Fox News, where he claimed that the whole world was laughing at the U.S. military under President Biden’s command.

Before that appearance, Rubio tweeted about what he feels is a reason to be embarrassed of troops: an active service member expressing joy over a brief respite from duties with an LGBTQ spoken-word/poetry night on a Navy ship.

As one can imagine, this tweet is not going over too well. People are stepping up to ask Rubio where his military experience is, and why he’s so upset that a few hours of downtime were spent in a way that doesn’t align with his views. After all, it’s not as though one can generally escape work while deployed on a ship in the middle of the ocean for months on end, and that’s the message coming from some who pushed back.

As well, some users wonder whether Rubio has “considered not being a d*ck to people serving our country,” and they’d like to know why he’s “mocking and insulting Americans brave enough to choose to wear a uniform and give years of their lives” to defend the U.S.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Rubio appears to use his downtime to post daily proverbs on Twitter. So, everyone has hobbies, but clearly, Rubio doesn’t approve of all of them.