Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Everybody To Know That It Was Trump’s Fault She Voted For Kevin McCarthy

After an entire week of voting that lasted late into Friday night and almost resulted in a fist fight on the House floor, Kevin McCarthy was finally voted in as Speaker of the House in a fraught process that could fall apart any moment thanks to the large number of concessions he made it to Matt Gaetz and a handful of Republican holdouts. However, one of those holdouts was not Marjorie Taylor Greene who continued to back McCarthy throughout the entire process and is now facing fire from the more fringe elements of the GOP that, normally, she’d be in lockstep with.

Case in point, Greene appeared on Charlie Kirk’s show on Monday where she defended her vote for McCarthy, but also made it a point that she was doing exactly what Donald Trump told her to do, so everyone should maybe back off.

Via Raw Story:

“I just also need to remind everyone, while people are mad at me, President Trump endorsed and supported Kevin McCarthy,” Greene said. “Jim Jordan endorsed, supported, voted for and nominated Kevin McCarthy.”

“So, people that are overly mad at me, I shouldn’t be your punching bag,” she added. “Be very clear-eyed about what this is and I’ll continue to prove exactly who I am through my actions and not my words and emails, social media posts and interviews on television.”

In Greene’s defense (from the crazies who don’t think she’s crazy enough), she’s already embroiled in another controversy. The congresswoman posted a video of herself triumphantly walking around Congress as “Still D.R.E.” plays in the background. “It’s time to begin… and they can’t stop what’s coming,” Greene captioned the video.

There’s just one small problem. She never cleared the song’s use with Dr. Dre who wanted nothing to do with her.

“I don’t license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one,” Dre told TMZ. Shortly after, the video was pulled from Twitter for a copyright violation. That’s the ol’ Marj we know and love.

(Via Raw Story)