Jim Jordan Says The Founding Fathers Would Have Approved Of The Chaotic Speaker Vote That Nearly Produced A Fight

Usually naming a new Speaker of the House is a dull affair. Not this year, not with this iteration of the House GOP. Not only do Republicans have a narrow majority in the chamber, they also have a small faction of MAGA extremists willing to gum up the works. Kevin McCarthy eventually, after four days and 15 votes, got the job, but they did their best to sabotage him. Things got so hectic that a fight almost broke out. Some thought that made the GOP look like clowns. Not Jim Jordan.

The Ohio representative was not one of the extremist faction who repeatedly humiliated McCarthy, but he wasn’t horrified by what went down. Far from it. He thought that George Washington et al. would have wanted Matt Gaetz to almost be coldcocked by one of his colleagues.

“Kevin McCarthy got the same number of votes that Pelosi got,” Jordan said on Fox News on Sunday. “She had the same majority number, 222, that we have this time. So sometimes democracy is messy. But I would argue that’s exactly how the Founders intended it.”

He added, “They wanted real debate, real input from all people and then you get a decision.”

Perhaps Jordan’s right: The Founding Fathers might have thought Republicans looking like a bunch of childish morons prone to in-fighting and drama was in the nation’s best interest. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy two years.

You can watch Jordan’s Fox News appearance in the video below.

(Via Raw Story)