‘I Will Not Suffer This Harlot’: The ‘Stop The Steal’ Organizer Is Threatening To Release Evidence That Marjorie Taylor Greene Committed A Crime If She Doesn’t Abandon McCarthy

Marjorie Taylor Greene may very well have been one of the architects of the January 6th insurrection, but Ali Alexander — a notorious far-right activist and key organizer of the Stop the Steal rally — has officially turned his back on the Georgia congresswoman and hater of sleeves.

Alexander’s anti-Marge crusade all seems to have started when Greene dared to actually disagree with her longtime contrarian cohorts Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert and declare that she would support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. When that political divide led to some minor histrionics and name-calling, Alexander was NOT OK with that, and referred to Greene as “a trailer park hoodrat.” Now, Raw Story reports that Alexander is taking his anti-MTG hate to the next level.

As House Republicans continue their circle-jerk process of nominating a speaker, Greene (kind of amazingly) has not wavered in her support of McCarthy (most likely because he’s actually promised to give her something to do). So Alexander is now claiming that he’s got some dirt on Marge, and he’s not afraid to use it. According to Raw Story, here’s what Alexander had to say:

I will not suffer this harlot. I will not be taught vows and loyalty, commitment from a whore! You have got me mistaken for some damn fool, and a fool, Ali Alexander has never been called.

In the coming days I’m going to reveal that Marjorie Taylor Greene, in my summation and the summation of lawyers, committed a crime. That crime is going to be handed to the state of Georgia, and the state of Georgia will decide whether they adjudicate that crime or not. The House Ethics Committee and House Rules [Committee] must expel Marjorie Taylor Greene when this evidence comes to light.

While it’s likely that Alexander has been called a “fool” and much worse many times, his threat is kind of poetic. And he didn’t even end it there:

Ho, go home! I am done with you. You are lukewarm, I am spitting you out of my mouth. You played me, and no more. Everyone will know about your drunken night, because the consultants who have drunk with you will have to choose whether they fear me or whether they fear you, and they fear me, Marge. They fear me a lot more than they fear you.

This is one more political quagmire we’re ready to witness multiple rounds of.

(Via Raw Story)